The Fivnex Foundation

Dedicated to humanity by using technology for good. Making innovations to build the future. Making life for marginalized groups better.

Hello, world!

The Fivnex Foundation is a not-for-profit organization owned by Fivnex. Our goal is to provide the world with open-source software. We work hard to make sure we are able to provide to minority groups in the software community, including by direct action and working with other foundations. Diversifying the Informational Technology, Software Engineering, and Computer Science sectors is one of our top priorities.

Subsidiary Foundations Foundation

The Foundation is dedicated towards helping the LGBTQIA+ community in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Software Engineering. Promoting open-source software made by and/or for the LGBTQIA+ community. also works on helping LGBTQIA+ homeless by teaching them the skills needed to get a job, giving them certifications, and paying them to work in the open-source community - so they can get both work experience and money for the stuff they need for interviews. is not ready or set up, but you can email [email protected] for any information, and to come help us build it.

Fivnex ICU Foundation

The Fivnex ICU Foundation is dedicated to experimental software and tools, trying to see what is possible with software and hardware. The Fivnex ICU Foundation also supports other projects with this software, by sending in direct commits. Everything the Fivnex ICU Foundation makes is open-source, non-patented, and is free for anyone to use/modify/sell/distribute. Everything we do for the Fivnex ICU Foundation is dedicated for everyone, with no expectation of monetary gain.

The Fivnex ICU Foundtion is still a work-in-progress and is very minimal. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any information or to contribute.